Be Cherished

It’s time to cherish you, your life and everything within.  To honour your beautiful dreams, beliefs, values and desires.  To take you on an inspiring personal journey of discovery, wonder & empowerment.

To dive deep into your personal vision quest to find your moments of clarity, your true spark of inspiration and creative genius within, to find your sweet spot in creating the delicious life you desire!

You deserve a life of meaning, happiness, joy & fulfilment.  To wake up excited with passion & energy to jump into your freshly inspired life, committed to a journey filled with soulfood.  Be in your authentic bliss to discover abundance flows into all areas of your life.

  • Are you ready to take some of your ideas, dreams and visions to the next stage but not quite sure on how to go about it or understand the bigger picture?
  • Are you feeling stuck in a rut and needing help with some direction in your life or career to find meaning and purpose?
  • Are you feeling stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, undervalued and burnt out with little energy to enjoy the joys of life?
  • Are you struggling to find balance, with so many to do lists and lacking time and organisation in your week?
  • Are you feeling out of balance with the demands of life, trying to juggling way too many hats and wondering if there is a light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Are you craving some time out for yourself to “just be” where you can feel super special and feel inspired to bring more fun and playfulness back into your life?
  • Are you lacking energy in your body and struggling to find the motivation to look after yourself and feel self-love for the amazing being you are?

Then you’ve come to the right place, because I can offer you tips and guidance from my magical tool box to have you sparkling again in no time on our unique 1:1 VIP retreat day!

When I really needed a day to escape the endless rushed feeling of life and demands of a young family, a stressful job, plus trying to nurture a small side-line business, Lisa from Box of Chocolates gave me a day that I’ll never forget!

I chose a couple of components from a menu of amazing choices such as an early morning meditation followed by breakfast, a business planning session, a glass of bubbles at lunch and hot yoga to finish off the day. Lisa has amazing skill and flair which she draws on with skill and ease, to tie up an itinerary of one treat after another with additional fun sessions; such as angel cards, a much needed walk in the bush, dipping my feet in the cold water on the southern coast, which was totally exhilarating, and much more!

Lisa is a fun, enthusiastic and vibrant life coach that is best suited to creating fun experiences. She walks the talk of a positive lifestyle and you can’t but help walk away from a day with Lisa on the same vibe as well as walk away with a new toolkit of ideas.

This is a wonderful and memorable experience for any mum, sister or friend that needs a day to think, reflect, focus on a particular issue in life or business, have fun, be pampered or simply be Cherished for a day.

It was an experience like I’d never had before – a day dedicated to me. A day with my name on it!

This is a must for any woman at any stage and in any place in her life.

Karen Laverde
Director – Health & Homeopathy


Lisa is an amazing human being.  She is incredibly talented and is so well fit for this line of work.  She is a really empowering presence to be around.  Since attending the bi-weekly Sweet and Sassy Soulpreneurs group I have had the confidence to leave my 9-5 and pursue my dreams.  She is especially gifted at tailoring her 1 on 1 sessions to fit the person she is meeting with.  She always knows exactly what I need at the time and the effort she puts in is incredibly thoughtful.

She is multifaceted.  She is skilled at coaching, reiki, akashic records, facilitation, numerous mindfulness techniques, the list goes on.  Her energy is infectious and I always feel uplifted after seeing her.  I would highly recommend in investing in a Cherish 1 on 1 retreat with Lisa.  You won’t regret the investment in yourself.  I am amazed at how quickly she has helped me to find my path again.  I feel much more joyful, more joyful than ever and I have no doubt you will too.

Hannah Joy
Founder of Co-Creators of Joy

I feel much more joyful!